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Symptoms & Problems

Brain injuries can cause sudden devastation financially, medically, physically and socially, to both the victim and their loved ones.

Rehabilitation can be a lengthy process and is often not something that can be properly projected at the time when the injury is endured. Since recovery is often longer term, PW Lawyers wants to insure its clients that we will stick by them from the beginning of their healing process to the end.

Motor Vehicle Accidents, assault, falls and medical malpractice are a few of the primary reasons for obtaining a traumatic Brain Injury. PW Lawyers are dedicated and well equipped to help you through each and every step.

Contact a personal injury lawyer ASAP if you or a loved one encounter an traumatic brain injury. The sooner you gather legal evidence and documentation of the process, the better your case can be. Please contact PW Lawyers at: /contact-us/

Paul Wilkins

Principal Partner

Paul is a member of the Ontario Trial Lawyer’s Association and the Advocates Society. Frequently involved in pursuing his clients’ claims, his areas of focus include statutory accident benefits, short term and long term disability benefits, disability claims and Canada Pension Plan disability benefits.

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