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When a child acquires a major injury or illness, it is both daunting for the child and their caregivers. A child's vulnerability to certain injuries is linked to their stage of development and other social factors. Children are prone to different injuries and illnesses than adults; it is important that when a child is seriously injured or becomes ill with a serious condition, they are properly cared for and receive the needed medical attention as soon as possible. Negligence to do so can lead to long-term suffering and disability, something no one wants to see a child endure.

Many parents and caregivers are searching online for:

When search results turn up, very rarely do concerned parents find information specifically focused on children and child injury law. Luckily, if you are searching for a child personal injury lawyer - a child injury lawyer, look no further.

Our firm has the experience, expertise and thorough understanding of the sensitivity and urgency for these cases.

If your child has succumbed to an injury or illness as a result of another parties negligence (whether be an individual, premise, school, entity etc.), or if you are facing a denied child disability claim for your child who is a beneficiary for your insurance benefits, speak with one of our personal injury lawyers who also specializes in disability claims. A child disability lawyer can help navigate you through the insurance claim process and successfully get you access to the benefits you need now.

Common Child Injury Claims:

Statistics show that the most common child injuries include:

Slips & Falls

  • Every day, more than 4,000 children visit emergency rooms and urgent care centers due to injuries resulting from slips and falls
  • Slips and falls are the leading cause for child injury and hospitalization

Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • One of the top causes of death from injury
  • Every hour children across the nation are entering emergency departments and urgent care centers for major injuries obtained in car accidents

Sports / Recreation Incidents

  • There are more than 30,000 visits to the emergency room every year for children injured while playing sports or taking part in recreational activities.
  • Most common type of sport injuries include fractures and head injuries / concussions.

Bicycle Accident & Bicycle Injury

Drowning & Suffocation

  • Suffocation occurrences are common amongst infants during sleep
  • Toddlers are at a greater risk from choking on food or small objects
  • Drowning victims are in greater numbers from ages 1-4 years old


  • More than 200 children every day across the nation go to the emergency room for reasons of poisoning
  • Household chemicals, cleaners and medication are the number one causes for child poisoning


  • More than 200 children every day across the nation seek emergency care for burns
  • Younger age groups are more prone to hot liquid and steam related burns
  • Older age groups are more prone to being burned from direct contact with open flames

To access SickKids Trauma Program: Injury Prevention Resources, please click here.

Personal Injury Lawyer for Playground Injuries

A head injury or fracture is the most common diagnosis when a child sustains an injury on a playground. When it comes to identifying who is liable for a playground injury, a personal injury lawyer has to identify if the injury was a result of either:

  1. Unsafe Equipment
  2. Inadequate Supervision.

When an injury is acquired due to a poorly maintained or malfunctioning playground, liability is placed on those who are responsible for ensuring that the playground is safe and in a usable condition. The owners of playgrounds hold the responsibility to keep all equipment well maintained and adhering to any health and safety standards or precautions.

If an injury is acquired due to negligence of a supervisor for the child, then that party is liable for the child's injury. An example of such would be if a recess monitor or babysitter did not intervene when a child is dangerously climbing on playground equipment or was distracted by being on their phone when such an incident occurred.

*Click here for playground safety tips.

Premise Liability: Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer

A Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer has an in-depth understanding of premise liability.

If your child was hurt on the premises of a person's home, store, on school property, at a camp, on a city sidewalk, or any other entity's property; if the injury was a result of 3rd party negligence that created an unsafe and destructive environment, then that 3rd party premise owner is deemed liable for your child's injury. Canadian courts take child injury cases seriously, this is why children can recover larger awarded amounts for their current and projected suffering after being injured or becoming seriously ill due to another party's negligence.

Child Endangerment: Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer

If your child sustained an injury as a result of child endangerment, such as negligence on part of a caregiver's supervision, then this third party is held liable for your child's injury.

Sample Case Scenario 1: If you trust a camp councilor to watch your child on a field trip to the zoo, and your child sustained an injury after engaging in dangerous behavior that should of been mediated by the councilor (who was on their phone), that camp councilor was negligent in their supervision of your child and thus held liable for your child's injury.

Sample Case Scenario #2: If your child falls while running in gym class (due to no apparent cause) and breaks their arm, it was an accident. That being said, your child has sustained an injury that requires immediate medical attention. If the school does not notify you (the primary caregiver), nor seeks the required medical treatment immediately; if your child spends all day with a broken arm, suffering to engage in regular school activities, the school is endangering your child and is negligent to the required supervision and care of your child's injury.

Denied Caregiver Benefits?

Caregiver benefits are put in place to recover some income replacement while you are providing care or support to a critically ill or injured person or someone needing end-of-life care. In the case of a child, caregivers are most often immediate family members.

Through Employment Insurance (EI), a family caregiver benefit for children is payable up to 35 weeks for a critically ill or injured person under the age of 18. There are some additional benefits you may be eligible for, as well as extended benefit durations. For further information about Canada's Employment and Social Development's Caregiving Benefits, please click here.

Some extended health care benefits offered through an employee's group benefits health insurance, or through a parent's private health insurance plan, allows for coverage of caregiver expenses and income replacement when a child is sick or injured. These types of policies vary in coverage features and require diligent filing of medical documents and insurance forms.

**If you have been denied caregiver benefits for your child's injury, if your child is critically ill or injured and you are denied the require leave from work to care for your child, contact a Toronto child disability lawyerto learn more about your options.

What To Look For In A Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Child: Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers

A child injury lawyer needs to have a thorough understanding of the Canadian courts and how they treat injured children differently than adults (which they do). A minor, your child, is unable to make individual decisions with respect to litigation and legal matters. It is the often the primary caregiver who is appointed as the "litigation guardian" to handle the child's legal claim.

When a child injury lawyer is acquired, it is also important that they are aware of any other legal claims (such as disability claims) that can be made on behalf of the family of the child. Parents and siblings may have endured things such as loss of income due to time taken off from work, as well as loss of companionship; these things can be defended and claimed in your child's injury case.

Whoever you decide to team up with as your child injury lawyer, it is important that you feel safe and trust their legal judgment. Furthermore, you want to feel that your attorney has your child's and your family's best interest in mind and is taking your case seriously. Having healthy communication and adequate support is pivotal to your case and should be maintained by a proper client-lawyer relationship.

How To Find a Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Child: Team With The Best Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are looking for the best injury lawyer for your child's case, seek council from a Toronto personal injury lawyer / child disability lawyer. By hiring a Toronto injury lawyer, you will better the chances of success for your child's injury case. Situated in the largest city in Canada, a Toronto personal injury lawyer will have the best stamina and legal esteem to grant you and your child the maximum benefit and sums of money owed for suffering and any other claims you may have as a result of your child's injury. A Toronto personal injury lawyer will have the experience and in-depth knowledge of how best to represent your child and their injury claim, as well as provide you with the required social , financial and medical support that is needed now, not tomorrow.

Free Personal Injury Lawyer / Free Disability Lawyer

Our firm offers free consultations for any injury claim or denied insurance claim you may have as a result of a child injury. We work on a contingency fee basis. This means:

  • You do NOT have to provide a retainer to get council for your child's injury
  • You do NOT have to pay any upfront fees
  • There are ZERO hidden costs to you and your family
  • There are ZERO requests for ongoing payments throughout the duration of the case
  • You do NOT have to pay any expenses or fees throughout the duration of the case
  • ALL legal fees are covered by the amount awarded to your child at the successful closure of your child's injury case

If you do not have the funds to help provide your child with the proper medical care and equipment for their injury, we will help you. Your child's health and family's wellbeing is our main concern. PW Lawyers promises to always be there for you.


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