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The number one thing to know when you are seeking services from a disability lawyer: your initial consultation should always be free.

Disability Lawyer Fees & Free Consultations

It is important for a disability attorney to evaluate your case and learn more about your potential claim before they determine their payment structure. It is in the interest of a disability lawyer to understand the full ins-and-outs of your claim, as well as it give you the time to prepare and feel confident before you pursue your claim.

In the case of federal disability lawyer fees, payment is determined after a full review of your legal rights, the probability for a favorable outcome in your claim, along with the time and services needed to help clients achieve their goals. In general, lawyer fees for disability are justified based on the time and effort needed by the legal team, along with consideration of the complexity of the claim. This means that a disability lawyers fee does change from case to case, for each claim is individual in its own right.

What will a good Disability Attorney Get Me?

A good disability attorney will give you the time and support to make your claim as strong as possible, without any instilled doubt.

Disability Attorney Fee Structure & Lawyer's Fees for Disability Services

Formally, once your case is taken on by a disability attorney, a fee structure will be presented to you. Some lawyer fees for disability are based on an hourly basis, and await payment whether your claim wins or loses. Most often these lawyers expect a retainer fee up front, before any work is commenced in your case. These lawyer also usually ask for ongoing payments throughout your case, something that can add up quickly and be quite costly for a prospective client and their claim. No one wants to find themselves in a losing position and in debt to their lawyer.

Up-Front Payments

This is something one should avoid; you are already in a stressful position and do not need to attend ongoing financial demands from your disability lawyer. Worthy disability lawyers, such as PW Lawyers, require NO up-front payments, and NO hidden fees.

Winning a Disability Case

Our disability lawyer fee is based on the winning payment of your benefits, meaning the lawyer's fee is an established percentage of the settlement that results from your claim. This ethos of no "upfront fees", is based on a contingency fee arrangement. Payment is only received once your case settles or wins at trial. Depending on the case, long term disability lawyers ask for a sum of 25%-40% of the settlement amount as a “lawyer fee”. This does not include the time and administrative fee that may be added on to your invoice with closure of your case.

Long Term Disability Fees: Based on Payouts & Payments?

Most long term disability lawyer fees are based on grouping of services provided to make your claim well fortified. Some disability lawyers will cover all fees of the lawsuit, including costs of medical examinations by third-party experts, the transportation required by the client in need, legal depositions and filing fees, to administration fees such as postage, copying costs and long-distance phone calls. It is very important that you understand the full scope of a contingency fee before you agree to its terms. You also must be aware and cautious before agreeing to pay a disability lawyer fee that includes a portion of any future benefits granted. Once your case has reached closure, most disability attorney fees are outlined in an invoice, often with a legible, itemized list of expenses endured while defending your claim.

Lawyer Fees for Mental Disability

We want to really underline that PW Lawyers fully respects and understands the financial hardship that can come as a result of having your disability claimed denied. There is zero discrimination; the lawyer fees for disability vs. the lawyer fee for mental disability is no different. It is not in our interest to add further social or financial stress and burden; we are here to advocate and be by your side through the whole process, aiming for success and proper award in your case.

Contact a Disability Lawyer Near You

In a successful client-lawyer relationship, there should be no surprises and no hidden fees once your case closes with a successful outcome. It is important to understand that if a long term disability lawyer fee is based on a contingency fee, the sum of money is only required if the case is won.


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